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Stein Aamot

Stein Aamot

Patent Attorney

About Stein Aamot

Prior to joining Zacco in March 2009 as an IP Consultant, Stein has gathered more than 20 years of international industry experience in the field of development of sensor technology, encryption technology, communication products, control systems and business development.

Stein is the lead contact for NIVA (Norsk Institutt for Vannforskning) wherein most projects are combined biotech and sensor/communication/information technology. He is experienced in running IP projects requiring input from personnel of different expertise.

Stein graduated from the University of Dundee, Scotland, with Honours degree in Electronics and Microcomputer Systems in 1988. After that he did his Master studies at BI, Oslo, in the topics International Marketing Strategies and Economics.

Steins experience encompasses 10 years as CEO of startup R&D companies Sospita (1997-2000) and High Density Devices (Founder 1998, CEO 2001-2008) working with encryption products in the data security field, and including close cooperation with US DoD, Norwegian defence department and other NATO countries security agencies. Prior to this Stein worked as a development consultant mainly in the telecom business area specializing both on SW and HW development.

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Technical field
  • a:13:{i:0;s:8:"Robotics";i:1;s:17:"Signal Processing";i:2;s:17:"Computer Sciences";i:3;s:14:"Digitalization";i:4;s:22:"Mechanical Engineering";i:5;s:24:"Internet of Things (IoT)";i:6;s:12:"Mechatronics";i:7;s:22:"Information Technology";i:8;s:25:"Digital Signal Processing";i:9;s:9:"Databases";i:10;s:33:"Sensor and Measurement Technology";i:11;s:16:"Machine Learning";i:12;s:23:"Artificial Intelligence";}
Industry expertise
  • a:6:{i:0;s:19:"Aerospace & Defence";i:1;s:18:"Telecommunications";i:2;s:38:"Sustainability / GreenTech / CleanTech";i:3;s:13:"IT & Software";i:4;s:23:"Building & Construction";i:5;s:7:"Medtech";}