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Gustaf Särner

Gustaf Särner

European Patent Attorney
Authorized Patent Attorney [SE]
PhD, MSc Eng Phys, BSc Business Adm & Ec

About Gustaf Särner

Gustaf joined Zacco in 2019. He has been working within the IPR filed since 2008 and is specialized in drafting patents, prosecuting patents, infringement issues, working with IP-strategies, evaluation of patents, IP budget work, novelty searches, freedom-to-operate analysis, evaluation of patents, patent due-diligence and strategies for monetizing from IPR.

Gustaf has previously worked as a researcher in Laser Diagnostics in Combustion at the Division of Combustion Physics at Lund University. His research was performed in close cooperation with IC-engine and gas turbine manufacturers as e.g. Toyota, Siemens, Volvo Powertrain, Scania, Volvo Aero, Rolls Royce etc.

Gustaf has also founded a web based IT company, where he developed a database driven web environment (programmed in PHP, Java and MySQL) and also worked with the strategic and administrative development of the company.

Gustaf is a member of the Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office (EPI).

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Technical field
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Industry expertise
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